Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Glade gaurd - Unit sizes

whilst considering my wood elf army list (I find this much more enjoyable than 40K ones as there is some really good art on the army list pages, and there is much more variation with what you can do with characters) I was wandering whether taking units of more than 10 glade guard as only 1 rank of archers can fire and you can't have a unit more than 10 models on a rank, so is it worth taking more than 10? They're definetly not going to be out shot and it allows up to an entire other unit (I plan on have plenty of them) meaning a much greater volume of fire.

What are you're thoughts on this? More less-sustainable firepower or sustainable lessend-firepower? Not just for this unit but in greneral with shooting units.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Off the ground - Wood elf battalions

Unlike most of the 40K battleforces, the battalions are actually really good value and I plan on starting my collection (after a test unit of glade guard) with the wood elf battalion.

(Sephia courtasy of me)

Contents: 8 Glade Riders (with command) 24 Glade Guard (With command, can be assembled as scouts) and 12 Dryads.

I'm wanting to keep my force relitivley elvish, without a lot of Wood spirit stuff (Treemen, wild riders ect.) but I will be including dyrads as they're too good to miss, also the army will be mostly shooting based with plenty of glade guard and way watchers, but with a reasnable amount of magic potential. I don't actually have the army book I have a *cough* PDF *cough* which I do not support (at all) it's just a temporary mesure until I can afford the real book.

Fantasy Fever

73rd, Drax, now me. This is a blog about my attempts (as futile as they may be) collecting Wood Elves, now they are going to have to wait until after my eldar, but I will be posting my random scribblilings here about what I'm plannnig on collecting, paint scheme ect.

Right about my Fantasy battle experience, I've played a few games but nothing huge... nor probably fair as I've bought the battle for skull pass, and I'm still not sure of the rules. Originally I was planning on collecting dwarves but after reading a tonne of articles, their lack of manouvarabilty makes them almost unplayable, the it was going to be dark elves, but I've never really emjoyed playing the evil armies before, and I've no reason to start now, so wood elves!

I really like the range, as they have a complete lack of terrible models, Dark elf warriors are not good and dwarves just look cheesy. I like the tactics they use, predominantly shooting supported by hit and run attacks and powerful magic, and and obviously they do best in the cover of trees... now if only i owned any trees...