Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Glade gaurd - Unit sizes

whilst considering my wood elf army list (I find this much more enjoyable than 40K ones as there is some really good art on the army list pages, and there is much more variation with what you can do with characters) I was wandering whether taking units of more than 10 glade guard as only 1 rank of archers can fire and you can't have a unit more than 10 models on a rank, so is it worth taking more than 10? They're definetly not going to be out shot and it allows up to an entire other unit (I plan on have plenty of them) meaning a much greater volume of fire.

What are you're thoughts on this? More less-sustainable firepower or sustainable lessend-firepower? Not just for this unit but in greneral with shooting units.


  1. I am of the opinion, and just that, that taking several 10 man squads is better than one when it comes to ranged fire. It forces your opponent to deal with multiple squads.

    If you just had it tied up in one or two massed units then your opponents could neutralize them easier. Fast attack, flyers... that kind of stuff could get in there and ruin your day faster.

    By having multiples you could shoot the attackers down after they run off one unit or some such.

  2. Speaking with all the authority of someone who (a) has never actually played WFB, and (b) knows very little indeed about Wood Elves, I'm inclined to agree that many smaller units is a better bet.

  3. I'm with the admiral for the same reasons.