Saturday, 18 April 2009

Off the ground - Wood elf battalions

Unlike most of the 40K battleforces, the battalions are actually really good value and I plan on starting my collection (after a test unit of glade guard) with the wood elf battalion.

(Sephia courtasy of me)

Contents: 8 Glade Riders (with command) 24 Glade Guard (With command, can be assembled as scouts) and 12 Dryads.

I'm wanting to keep my force relitivley elvish, without a lot of Wood spirit stuff (Treemen, wild riders ect.) but I will be including dyrads as they're too good to miss, also the army will be mostly shooting based with plenty of glade guard and way watchers, but with a reasnable amount of magic potential. I don't actually have the army book I have a *cough* PDF *cough* which I do not support (at all) it's just a temporary mesure until I can afford the real book.


  1. Ah the good old pdf army book. It certainly got me through a few weeks before I purchased the real thing. Then I realised I didn't need to spend the money on the book as I already had a exact example of all of the pages!

    I'm glad you are branching out mate, get it? Branching... Yes, the wit of an Elf some may say.

    Good luck with the battle force, a very valid first selection for a new army

  2. Huh Hum! battalion, I really annoys me when people call the army books codicies aswell. Ahh witty humour, you just can't beat it

  3. Oh lord! That's the 40k popping back out of me there. I stand corrected lol!

  4. Ears and arrows drax...ears and arrows

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  6. I went from High Elves to Wood Elves and said the exact same thing you did; who cares about trees, I want awesome archers. After a few games, I realized that Wild Riders and War dancers are by far the best units out there and the dryads are incredibly worth it (especially in three units of 8). I still want nothing to do with Drycha or the Treekin, but the Treeman and an extra branchwraith is an absolute must have. Do not underestimate the power of a Treeman ancient and the power to move trees. Good luck with your new elves, check out this site for some awesome tactica: Asria of Athel Loren!