Saturday, 2 May 2009

Re-opening the shop, quickly

Okay, this blog didn't stay closed long (The Aspect Portal will remain closed until I get some Eldar), today I bought a unit of Glade Guard and the Army Book (goodbye mr. PDF) both for £19, (I'm great at bartering with stall owners at my FLGstall). I'm going to stop myself from opening the box until I get all the colours I need although I'm yet to decide what colour to do the cloak (and similar colour bits) along with the leather, any suggestions?

Also thanks for the response on the last post!

Drax - If you haven't already bought a rulebook, buy the battle for skull pass, I found it a great way to learn with a bit of everything in it (magic, artillery, cavalry, shooting est.) and you get the mini-rule book (which are much easier to use than the full sized hardbacks). Also the Empire and Dwarves have a pretty stong relationship according to the Dwarf army book, so you could have an allied force in there somewhere

Now here's one for you? How much drink could a big dwarf chug if a big dwarf could chug drink?


  1. Thanks for the tip, mate!

    Yeah, I bought Skull Pass and a bunch of extra paints and minis from a pal, and I enjoy the mini rulebook, but I've no-one to play it with and no prospects of anyone either, so my knowledge is sketchy and pretty much only theoretical.

    I sketched out some army lists that I was happy with about a year ago, though...

  2. As for the leather bits, you should try scorched brown w/ a snakebite leather highlight.

  3. looking forward to more progress. I like the layout of your page

    as far as the question about the dwarf, how much is there? lol

  4. everyone knows that dwarves can drink four times their own body weight (in full armour)without even feeling tipsy, as Zealot said, there's not possibly enough in one place