Saturday, 9 May 2009

Thoughts on the book and an pointy-eared sniper...

First thing's first though, my progress, I've spent today reading through the army book in it's entiretly, and although there isn't a great deal of fluff at the front, it's a good read and I missed my 'get up and get some jobs done' time this morning... infact I've only done it once... but nevermind, I've got all my glade guard, un-sprued... as I like to assemble them like that, and I've assembled and undercoated my test model, although I haven't glued him to the base though because of the ranking up problem that the cloaks cause.

And here's my sneaky little tactic, the bow 'The Hunters Talon' let's you selected a 'model' to shoot at (at a -1 modifier), so say you could pick out the champion or a character out of a unit. Now, combine this with Hegbane Arrows, which a wounded model has to take a toughness test or die outright, Now combine this with the Briarsheath which gives him an additional -1 to hit (and -2 in a wood), Now combine this with being an alter kindred you can now move 9" and he get's another -1 for being an individual character.

So let's round this up, he will hid an individual model on a 2+, when wounded will kill it outright on a failed toughness test, he can move 9", so he can outrun most units and shoot at no penalty for moving thanks to the Asrai archery special rule (through woods at no penalty) he's at a -3 to hit in woods and -2 normally. This is the ultimate character sniper that you could use in a 3000 point game (having another lord as a general) that has a great skill at killing multi-wound low toughness characters, monsters or anything else you can dig up!

It's probably not as good as I think it is but It's a nice shooty character, although Instead of the the hagbane arrows, the briarsheath and alter kindred you could make him a waywatcher, giving him killing blow at short range and the extra -1 to hit and special deploment rules, but you can't shoot at long range, nor move the 9" but you can combine him with a unit of waywatchers

What do you think of this totally OTT character?


  1. Sneaky death!

    I've been doing a little reading up in WD on wood elves too - they really are an attractive prospect and their fluff is great!

  2. Well, yet another good reason to get a wood elf army

  3. He may seem attractive (I've fielded something pretty similar to that once or twice), but in my experience the points outweigh the benefits.
    Sure, he'll take down a character or two but in the long run he is severely limited in usefullness.
    Now what you really want is a Wardancer Lord with 7 attacks on the charge at Strength 5 that re - rolls wounds :D

  4. You have definately made a dangerous fella there! I might have to try that combination of options myself

  5. Personally I have used this type of set up before and the main problem is, yes the archer can remove a single character from the ranks but you are still firing a str3 shot and that's 245+ points being used on a less than 50% success rate. Granted 8th edition is just around the corner but If you were going to use this type of model hunter, downgrade him to a noble (I still believe you can take the hunter's talon and hagbane arrows as a noble i think they are both 50 points combined). Good luck!