Sunday, 14 June 2009


I have a bit of a tradition for having two armies for each stystem E.G. for 40K I (will) have my Eldar and my Raveng Guard, but I hadn't yet decided the other army to go with on WFB. I also thought to myslef hmm... ever since I've played Table top games I've never really had an 'Evil' army (and I knew If i wanted to do Chaos I'd do it in 40K) and well I love all the Lore and stuff about vampires ect. (I'm not gonna read twilight don't get me started on that!) so I've decided I'm going to jump in the Evil 'deep end' and go with Vampire Counts hence the MUHAH... nevermind you get the picture... here's the picture anywayI'm probably going to get the 'Huh! overpowered!' comments but I haven't chosen them for their power level, as most of you probably know I'm not a very competitve gamer... or for the past few months a gamer at all but hey! I had considered Tomb Kings but there colour scheme is a bit bland and they're a bit to Egyptiany for my taste (Egyptians don't taste nice) I've not yet had a proper read through the ARMY BOOK (for god's sake people it's not a codex! The army books were there first!) as I only got to borrow it off Adam for a few days but I'll add my thoughts here as they occour