Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Deep in thought and a Panic attack

(First of all I haven't had a panic attack it's another Highborn build)

I've been thinking more about the Wood elf army book and looking through all the options and there is nothing in there that is under powered, overpriced or unusable, it's a great selection of troops and obviously some options stand out more than others, but they are all usable and I hope to try each one out in the future

And another nasty, shooty highborn. If you give him the Bow of Loren and startfire arrows, it means he shoots at the number of attacks he has (4 and +1 is you make him alter kindred, along with the M9) and the starfire arrows means that every wound that is caused the unit being shot at has to take a panic test, giving even the highest Ld units a struggle with making that many tests! He can just target any unit that has low toughness and not particulary good saves, as all it takes in one wound (I'm looking at you Josh's White Lions).

I am probably going to take this Lord choice at 3000 points as when against High elves (which is who I'm going to be up against most the time with my WFB), you can't rely on oppertune charging at high iniative to get the first attack (Speed of Asyuran means High elves always strike first) and with Wood Elves being such fragile units it's going to be tough doing any damage after they attack you, the 4+ ward save dance the War Dancers can do is going to be useful...


Saturday, 9 May 2009

Thoughts on the book and an pointy-eared sniper...

First thing's first though, my progress, I've spent today reading through the army book in it's entiretly, and although there isn't a great deal of fluff at the front, it's a good read and I missed my 'get up and get some jobs done' time this morning... infact I've only done it once... but nevermind, I've got all my glade guard, un-sprued... as I like to assemble them like that, and I've assembled and undercoated my test model, although I haven't glued him to the base though because of the ranking up problem that the cloaks cause.

And here's my sneaky little tactic, the bow 'The Hunters Talon' let's you selected a 'model' to shoot at (at a -1 modifier), so say you could pick out the champion or a character out of a unit. Now, combine this with Hegbane Arrows, which a wounded model has to take a toughness test or die outright, Now combine this with the Briarsheath which gives him an additional -1 to hit (and -2 in a wood), Now combine this with being an alter kindred you can now move 9" and he get's another -1 for being an individual character.

So let's round this up, he will hid an individual model on a 2+, when wounded will kill it outright on a failed toughness test, he can move 9", so he can outrun most units and shoot at no penalty for moving thanks to the Asrai archery special rule (through woods at no penalty) he's at a -3 to hit in woods and -2 normally. This is the ultimate character sniper that you could use in a 3000 point game (having another lord as a general) that has a great skill at killing multi-wound low toughness characters, monsters or anything else you can dig up!

It's probably not as good as I think it is but It's a nice shooty character, although Instead of the the hagbane arrows, the briarsheath and alter kindred you could make him a waywatcher, giving him killing blow at short range and the extra -1 to hit and special deploment rules, but you can't shoot at long range, nor move the 9" but you can combine him with a unit of waywatchers

What do you think of this totally OTT character?

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Re-opening the shop, quickly

Okay, this blog didn't stay closed long (The Aspect Portal will remain closed until I get some Eldar), today I bought a unit of Glade Guard and the Army Book (goodbye mr. PDF) both for £19, (I'm great at bartering with stall owners at my FLGstall). I'm going to stop myself from opening the box until I get all the colours I need although I'm yet to decide what colour to do the cloak (and similar colour bits) along with the leather, any suggestions?

Also thanks for the response on the last post!

Drax - If you haven't already bought a rulebook, buy the battle for skull pass, I found it a great way to learn with a bit of everything in it (magic, artillery, cavalry, shooting est.) and you get the mini-rule book (which are much easier to use than the full sized hardbacks). Also the Empire and Dwarves have a pretty stong relationship according to the Dwarf army book, so you could have an allied force in there somewhere

Now here's one for you? How much drink could a big dwarf chug if a big dwarf could chug drink?